Welcome to Cards & Tankards

Relax and play Virtual Reality’s first social Collectible Card Game (CCG) where long-term bonds can be forged through battle! Grab a starting deck and face off against other Adventurers, or challenge the AI, to earn powerful cards based on the rich history of a mysterious fantasy realm.

Game Features


Meet up with old friends, or make some new ones. Watch others battle, and open up packs - it’s like hanging out at your local card store!


Cross-platform multiplayer, making it easy to connect with friends on Quest or SteamVR.


Our dedicated team of moderators are always on call and ready to resolve any issues. They help keep the community strong and enjoyable for everyone!

Battle your friends

Forge new friendships through battle as you test yourself against other adventurers.

Unlock New Cards

Add to your collection with booster packs, daily wins, or buying the Barkeeper’s Daily Cards.

Build Custom Decks

Use your card colletion to build custom decks that suit your unique play style.

Progression Rewards

Level up and get rewards by completing Quests and receive exclusive items with the Season Pass!

Customize your avatar

Unlock new outfits, gear and accessories to express yourself the way you want.

Collect Pets

Show off your favorite companions as they accompany you on your adventures.


Take part in the discussion - be the first to hear about new updates, vote on upcoming features, and give us your feedback! We have a strong community built on trust and our mutual love of the game. So whether you’re a beginner looking for deck building advice, or a seasoned veteran looking to join tournaments for exclusive prizes - our community welcomes you!

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